Tuesday 2 July 2013

NaMo Fear crosses Gujarat, Andhra and extends to the US

NaMo fear crosses Gujarat, Andhra and extends to US

Narendra Modi alias NaMo who could well be the next PM of India

Yesterday, I had published a fake Facebook wall detailing tongue in cheek about the collusion between Indian politicians and the global corporate world (link here.)

And we are already seeing the frenzy by NPCIL and the Centre to quickly adhere to the diktats of the US masters as in Kovvada Andhra Pradesh even as the US giant GE does not have certification from the US Regulators for its planned nuclear reactors !!

Is it not shameful that the American Secretary of State came to India, gave an ultimatum to the Government of India that the Gujarat nuclear deal had better be signed by September 2013? Or else.....

Obviously, as I pointed out in the fake FB wall, the upcoming elections are giving the Americans much trouble. They know the Congress will most likely lose the general elections in 2014. This means a potential wilderness for the nuclear companies like GE and Westinghouse-Toshiba for about five years.

This is not to imply that the BJP will not sign the nuclear agreements and contracts. Far from it, the BJP is almost of the same opinion as the Congress as far as nuclear energy is concerned because of the common glue – kickbacks, contracts and money.
The BJP would gleefully sign any deal or even dilute the Nuclear Liability Act and make it easier for the Americans to set up their reactors in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh.

But then, there is a major diplomatic issue here.

The next ‘projected’ Prime Minister of India could well be a certain Mr. Narendra Modi (NaMo in short) of the BJP.

The same NaMo who has steadfastly been refused entry visa to the US because of his alleged collusion in the Gujarat communal riots of 2003 where he was alleged to have masterminded the pogrom to eliminate the minority Muslim population in connivance with senior police, bureaucracy and intelligence officials. 

The cases are meandering through courts, special courts, special investigations and have not reached anywhere near to closure. So, as per Indian Laws, NaMo is presumed innocent until proven guilty (in court). However, many people in India and the US government have already decided that based on circumstantial evidence NaMo is indeed guilty for the massacre of hundreds (nobody knows the real toll) of innocent people including women and children and causing a reign of terror over the whole state of Gujarat.

Now, if this gentleman becomes the Prime Minister, Obama might have to meet him, shake hands with him in some international conference or even invite each other to their countries as per protocol.

This is the worst case scenario which the US government would want to get into. They cannot be seen overly capitalist and shake hand with their erstwhile enemy No. 1 whom they have denied entry for so many years.

NaMo will obviously milk the situation to the maximum and probably even invite the American President to India (probably even to Gujarat) and rub salt into the wounds. He will stall any attempts by the Americans to do big business in India without extracting his pound of flesh.

Now, what he will try to extract will be a matter of conjecture, but it could be even a small concession like a Visa to travel to the US. As a charmer, NaMo is undoubtedly a great personality. And the US has a huge number of very wealthy Indian Guajarati’s who can contribute substantially to the BJP coffers!!!

It all depends on which way things pan out in the next three odd months before the whole of India slips into election mode slated for early 2014. John Kerry was spot on in fixing September 2013 as the deadline for signing a contract between NPCIL and Westinghouse. But, the Indian government has gone a step forward with its servile attitude and also offered to clear the way for the GE supplied Kovvada reactors in Andhra Pradesh which even  the US government has not certified. This premature land acquisition and bending backwards to please the Americans will eventually backfire on the Congress party - although they may just want to get out the mess they themselves created while signing the Indo-US Civil Nuclear Deal in 2008.

All one can wish is that the next government has enough sense to realize that there is a limit to how much money can be made out of disastrous projects like Jaitapur etc which will completely destroy lives, livelihoods, environment besides being economically unviable.

But then these wishes will not come true because the Congress and the BJP are two sides of the same Nuclear coin.

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